• 2 months ago

    Look for email! What is this?

    Discovered in my teens, what I thought was a birthmark i had never seen. I am now 27. Last week I took my toe polish off and discovered my nail had started turning dark. Though I don't remember smashing it. The place between my toe is not too noticeably sore. But it's kinda like in the bone of my little toe feeling. It's hard to explain. I can't find any thing in photos like compare to what I have, so I am not sure if it's just mole, skin cancer, or wart. I can not upload a photo as it keeps saying it is too big no matter what I do. You can email me at kthornburg@ehc.edu and I can email pictures and you reply here!
    Unless someone tells me how I can resize the photos. I have tried and it hasn't worked. Thanks