• 2 months ago

    Cancer scare

    I had blood in my urine back in February (microscopic hematuria) with smoking history I was sent to a urologist. They did a rectal exam, another UA, ct scan of abdominal and pelvic area, and a cystocoscopy. They said that no reason could be found for the blood. I've been so scared they missed something and they put me on effexor xr for health anxiety. They say they have not missed anything. I've been so anxious that I've passed out three times and made my bp, and o2 saturation drop dangerously low. They had to give me fluids to get it back up. With my diabetes it's thrown me out of whack. I've had tons of lab work, two ct scans of my head, 3 chest xrays. They say it's all normal. But in my head I have cancer somewhere. They say it's depression and Generalized anxiety disorder. Would you tend to agree with them?