• 6 months ago

    Small lump on breast

    I'm 19 and a couple months or some weeks ago had noticed a small lump on my breast. I didn't really think it would be an issue but since it still hasn't gone I continued to try and search through people's similar questions but couldn't find any similar symptoms.
    It's in my left breast and slightly below the areola, it's the size of a very small pea but still noticeable, this is due to it being right below the skin. I can feel around it but it doesn't move (since it's stuck to the skin) It's a circular ball as i've heard cancerous lumps are usually irregular. It's color is almost a peach/yellow-white and has no pain. I've seen people describe the feel difference of cancerous to non cancerous is hard to firm and honestly I can't tell the difference. I guess you can say it's more firm than hard, not like a rock feel but still able to tell it's in a ball shape and if I press both sides of it, it will turn flat so possibly firm? There are no other symptoms besides this. I appreciate any information on it, thank you.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Small lump on breast

    Breast cancer knows no age limit! You are 19 with your whole life ahead of you!! GO GET A MAMMOGRAM!! If you don't have a primary care physician to refer you, find a women's center and schedule it yourself. A lump is a lump is a lump!! It may be a very benign cyst that has just taken up residency in your breast, OR it may be an opportunity to catch an early form of what you fear the most! Please don't try and decide for yourself based upon what other people describe to you as how a lump is "supposed" to feel! Everyone is different. Go get a mammogram!
  • 4 months ago

    RE: Small lump on breast

    Don't wait. You need to go to the doctor. My mom noticed a small lump about the size of a pea. We made her go and it was a good thing. They did a biopsy and found it to be malignant. The doctor told us if she had waited 2 more weeks that it would have spread all over. So, don't wait anymore. Go and get it checked. If it isn't anything, then you have a clear mind and a sense of peace. GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET IT CHECKED