• 4 months ago

    Weird bump on the bottom right of head?

    In December I noticed pain at the base of my head when I would sleep sometime, so I poked around and found an odd bump on my head. It is about an inch to the right from my neck and an inch-ish from the base. (Actually, just feeling it now, I realize that the around leading from the base to the bump seems a little bigger than the other side. I didn't notice that before). I started getting headaches, which is not a normal thing for me at all, and told my doctor. She told me if the headaches get worse then I need to call again. Of course, they did and it got pretty bad for someone who never gets headaches.
    So, I called her and she told me I need to go see a specialist and get a scan done. However, being a uni student, it got put on the back of my mind and I never did.
    I always chalked up the long headaches to something, like chlorine in the pool, or light being too bright. Often, they would either be at the base of my head, on the sides, and down my neck, or they would be right behind my eyes. I still have them, but I've gotten used to it.
    I noticed something else though, I keep getting more and more dizzy (vertigo?) spells when I get up when I am laying down, sitting up, or bending over, etc, etc. They started, like, not too bad, just a second or too. But now it gets to the point where I get so dizzy, I see black spots in my vision, my head gets so tight and I can't hear for, even though it seems like forever, probably just a couple seconds.
    There was an incident where I was teaching swim lessons and yelling across the pool and I got that feeling suddenly. It was so bad, I got on my knees and curled up in a ball. My boss saw my across the pool but I couldn't see a thing because of the black spots. A loud ringing came too.
    I've brushed it off for a long time because it hasn't gotten any bigger and I can't afford to go to a doctor if it's nothing. So, any ideas?