• 4 months ago

    Sexual stimulation

    After breast surgery, removing a malignant tumor, medication is required, daily for 2 years. I was told that being sexually stimulated by my partner, can cause a relapse or new growths. Is this true?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Sexual stimulation

    This past Sunday morning I felt a sharp pain on my left breast - just behind my nipple but did not take it to heart - I just thought my nipple was painful and the pain would go away. Later in the day as I was getting out of the house - I happened to bump my left breast on the door and when I touched it to ease the pain - I realized there was a big lump almost size of an egg - when my partner felt it he got worried and I worried too because the part around my nipple was pink in colour like it was bruised. I went to the doctor but our hospital has a policy that you first see the nurse, she writes the history and gives you meds - tomorrow will be my final day of the antibiotics (Cloxin) but the lump is still there, not painful like before but when touching it I feel pain. Now the nurse told me that if it was cancer the lump would not be painful - is this true? Should I rush again to the doctor because its not going away - what are signs of breast cancer? I've been producing a milky substance for ten years on my breast - this is because I am on meds which have those type of side effects. Can anyone with knowledge of breast cancer tell me more about it. I trust God and i'm positive that they will just burn the lump with laser treatment and it will go away but my problem is also that I smoke cigarettes - could this have been the cause maybe...I want to quit and i'm battling to do so. Some who can relate or advise would be much appreciated.