• 7 months ago

    worried about US results:Bilateral indeterminant lymph nodes

    any ideas what it could be?
    Sonography of the soft tissues of the neck was performed. On
    the right, dominant lymph nodes seen in right neck zone 3 measures 2.1
    x 0.6 cm with loss of echogenic hilum. Findings are indeterminate. A
    benign lymph node is seen in right neck zone 1B measures 13 x 5 mm.

    Left neck, zone 1B, indeterminate lymph node is seen measures 14 x 6 x
    9 mm without definite echogenic hilum. Prominent lymph nodes seen in
    left neck zone 3 slightly thickened towards cortex with an echogenic
    measuring 15 x 7 mm. Findings are also indeterminant