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  • 4 hours ago

    Hysterectomy options

    Hi: I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer (adenocarcinoma, grade 1). I have an appointment scheduled with a gynecological oncologist. My diagnosing gynecologist said I will need a hysterectomy with removal of uterus, ovaries, cervix, and lymph nodes. I have been researching hysterectomy options. I am wondering if I will have to have a surgical abdominal hysterectomy or if a laproscopic or vaginal hysterectomy could be an option. I have never been pregnant. The size of my uterus is 5.5 x 2....
  • 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore!

    hello! I’m happy to take you through a brief tour of Breast Cancer Signs. Breast cancer is one the most common diseases in the world. Protect yourself by knowing the symptoms to look out for.
  • 5 days ago

    Can you tell me what this result means??? BUN/Creatinine Ratio 34 Reference Range: 9-23

    I just notice my 10/27/2017 and 04/26/2018 were 34.9 & 29.6 (after chemo 3 month and 9 month) mg/mg, but a year ago when I were in good condition was 17.4. Should I schedule to see doctor? Or it is normal? Why my oncology doctor order lab test but never talk to me about these.? Is that means I am perfectly fine?
  • 8 days ago

    Bump on breast

    On my right breast on the side there has been a red hard bump for years. The other day I noticed that it was slightly bigger and looked bruised, it was also soft in middle so I poked it a couple times with a needle (Sorry I know thats gross lol) Some blood and yellow liquid came out and it still hurts. It has hurt for about a week now.
  • 9 days ago

    I have a lesion, or wound. I think its skin cancer.

    I had this lesion above the ankle. It will scab over in a few days and scab will fall out. Then when I am its over. It comes back. The time frame has been a few months, goes and comes back. It looks one of the pictures of different cancers. When I put a bandaid on it. It will seep under the bandaid. If i leave bandaid off, i don't want the scar to touch anything. I hear that melanoma is worse kind of skin cancer. When my appt isnt till Jul. What am I do in the meantime? cindigal
  • 9 days ago

    Lung Cancer/COPD Question

    Hi, Is it possible for a long-time smoker who coughed up blood to have a lobetomy at 40 and also battle COPD, requiring portable oxygen, if she has since stopped smoking? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • 11 days ago

    Strange cough

    Hi I've some intermitent moments where i start wheezing for apparently no reason and only stops when i force myself to cough which make some spuctum come out. When this happen my spuctum always have some tiny dots of blood in it. I have this condition since almost 2 years ago, from the time when I have had a severe flu. Can this be a more severe health problem?
  • 12 days ago

    Hospital refuses to do Dr ordered cat scans

    My husband is an 8 yr survivor of colon cancer. Now he has pain again in that area. His Dr ordered cat scans with contrast and Benadryl plus something else for reactions to contrast. The hospital refuses to do the scans because he reports that he had trouble with contrast in the past. What should we do now? He is so discouraged because he can’t find out what is wrong with him.
  • 12 days ago

    Lump outside of anal

    Last week I had to go to the bathroom. In a rush I held it in. Went to the bathrooom that night and ass just felt sore. Next day went to bathroom and felt like something was stuck. Got mirror out and Noticed a lump next to anal hole. In the past week the lump has changed. The first couple days it was just uncomfortable. It hurt to walk and sit. Then for two days the lump slightly bleed onto a pad I had but not uncomfortable. Very little blood from anal when I wiped a few times. Stool has changed....
  • 14 days ago


    I have 3 lumps on me. On my butt, behind left ear and under my right arm pit. I lost 8 lbs this week without trying, my appetite has been bad. I eat when I'm hungry but get full quick and throw up later and I have diarrhea here and there I've been keeping in eye on my temp but I don't know what to do. My joints are horrible and I get abdominal pain. I'm trying to get insurance... but I need advice what does it sound like?