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  • 9 days ago

    Post Radiation Therapy

    I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Prostate Cancer last year and had my Prostate removed robotically. Some of the cancer had backed up into my sperm channel, so I had to undergo 38 Radiation Treatments. I am now 10 months past the last treatment and am still having issues with diarrhea on almost a daily basis. My Urologist said that it could take upwards of 1-2 years for my intestines to get back to normal, but I am getting very tired of having to live this way, but it is better than having cancer. Has....
  • 25 days ago

    Is this under armpit lump, lipoma?

    I’ve had this lump from the age 18. This was 16 years ago. It doesn’t hurt. It’s soft. Doesn’t move up or down, or side to side, instead, back into my skin to protruding. Mostly protruding when my arm is up. It’s embarrassing at the gym. If I play with it too much, it will ache just a bit for few minutes. My gynecologist says if I want it removed it’d be considered cosmetic. (After diagnosing it as lipoma) But could it be cancer? Could cancer live that long in your body without other signs that something....
  • 28 days ago

    Cervical cancer--round two

    Hello. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2012 and underwent extensive radiation and mild chemotherapy then. This April, I received the diagnosis of the return, with considerable involvement. Surgery is not an option, according to my oncologist, chemo is my only hope. Obviously , during and after cancer treatment one is not one's normal self. I learned to adapt to the permanent changes left by the 2012 treatment. But I am struggling this time. I am far sicker, and my life has been upended....
  • 1 month ago

    New strange mole, should I be concerned?

    Lately the sun has been out and has been lovely. I have been out in it where I usually never go out. Anyway, I have a mole (or what I believe is a mole) appear just under my right arm in the pit area. I felt this when I woke up this morning and though "what the hell". I'm not picking it off because it is sensitive as a mole would be if you try rip it off but it looks strange so I am hoping I can get a response on webMD before taking it further with the hospital. See the image I uploaded....
  • 1 month ago

    worried about US results:Bilateral indeterminant lymph nodes

    any ideas what it could be? Sonography of the soft tissues of the neck was performed. On the right, dominant lymph nodes seen in right neck zone 3 measures 2.1 x 0.6 cm with loss of echogenic hilum. Findings are indeterminate. A benign lymph node is seen in right neck zone 1B measures 13 x 5 mm. Left neck, zone 1B, indeterminate lymph node is seen measures 14 x 6 x 9 mm without definite echogenic hilum. Prominent lymph nodes seen in left neck zone 3 slightly thickened towards cortex with an echogenic....
  • 1 month ago

    Malignant kidney tumor

    I was very recently diagnosed with a malignant kidney tumor. The doctor doesn't think it has metastasized I'm waiting for surgery to be scheduled, however, I've been having night chills and fever. My temperature at it's peak is about 103 degrees. And my energy level is 0. Is the lack of energy because I'm losing protein from my kidney or are all the symptoms from the cancer?
  • 1 month ago

    Mouth Cancer?

    About 2 months ago in the very back corner of my mouth i got a HUGE canker sore out of nowhere, it was red and very very painful and made it hard to eat and drink, now 2 months later it has significantly improved, it no longer causes any pain nor is there a crater at the back of my mouth, but if i take a look back there where it was i still see a white patch where the sore was. Could this be mouth cancer? I obviously know that a sore that doesn't heal in a couple weeks is a definite sign that....
  • 1 month ago

    Parkinson’s patient with carcinoma

    Parkinson’s patient with breast cancer that is estrogen-based. I had surgery and a partial mastectomy. I was not given chemo or radiation the oncologist placed me on a estrogen-based cancer pill. Parkinson’s disease is also an estrogen base so I had two things fighting against my body. And the cancer pills almost killed me so I had to stop them. The breast cancer was actually on my chest wall. My concern is that a mammogram will not show the chest wall. What do I do should I be concerned that I was....
  • 1 month ago

    Euthanasia essay examples

    Hello, friends, I would like to read some opinions about euthanasia in the form of essay as it interests me (I mean reading essay examples and the topic of euthanasia interests me too) To be honest, I'm convinced that euthanasia is the best solution when you suffer from a incurable disease and don't want to feel that pain... So, where could I read some examples about euthanasia?
  • 2 months ago

    Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    Henrietta Lacks was born Loretta Pleasant on August 1, 1920 and died October 4, 1951 just nine months after being diagnosed with a highly progressive form of cervical cancer. Her story is compelling because Ms. Lacks's cells were essentially taken from her without her or her family's knowledge or consent and used for medical research. This research lead to the polio vaccine, the discovery of human telomerase, and has been a vital tool in other countless advances (Nature, 2019). Henrietta....