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  • 23 hours ago


    I am a 20 year old female. There is a aching pain in the right side of my head near my temples. It feels like half of my head is really tensed. I have eye pain & the area near my temples is really tender. I’m freaking out. I cry everyday because I’ve been to the hospital and told them about my headaches and they haven’t addressed the issue. Someone please help.
  • 1 day ago

    27yo male

    I have been going to the drs for months. I put my symptoms in here and it tells me I have pancreatic cancer. I am so scared
  • 4 days ago

    Dry chapped uper lip with blisters

    I have a long history of cold sores. About a month ago I had a flare-up of a cold sore, applied Abreva. The treatment seemed to take care of the problem but it soon developed into what seems now as a perpetual chapped lip with blisters. I have tried Abereva, medicated ointments, olive oil, mineral oil, coconut oil, mentholated petroleum products all with no relief. What's up with this, never experienced this before. I do work in an arid climate, dry hot dusty environment, could that be a factor....
  • 8 days ago


    Wanted to post a picture but not sure how. Got a lump of some kind on right side of neck under ear. Could he fatty tissue. Not sure. Was hoping someone could tell me what it may be. Thanks
  • 8 days ago

    Sugar and cancer

    I am confused on what should be eaten to lessen sugar in diet. I eat fruits and veggies.
  • 9 days ago

    Breast Cancer Oncotype score 28

    Does Chemo benefit patients (ER+, PR+, HERS-, Oncotype 28) with this group? With side effect of Chemo and benefit of only 7%, is it worth to go for chemo?
  • 14 days ago

    Colon cancer - treatment time period

    My husband is scheduled for a second attempt to remove polyps & "see" if the cancer has spread. About a year & a half ago he had his first colonoscopy & they removed 9 polyps. 3 of which were cancerous.. so we've been told. I am having the absolute hardest time grasping what is actually going on because he is so vague & hates talking about his health. I'm only given quick overviews of what is going on & small bits of information from his doctor. I don't want....
  • 23 days ago

    Penile Cancer?

    Months ago I’ve spotted a bump/growth on the side of my penis, Its under my foreskin so I can’t see it because I have phimosis and whatever it is made my foreskin tighter on one side. Even if I loosened my foreskin by stretching it’d still be hard to retract because of whatever is underneath it on the side of my head. It seems to cause me micro tears every now and then. One side of my penis head is definitely bigger as if it’s swollen which would be the side with the bump / growth. My penis also....
  • 1 month ago

    Im terrified

    For the past couple of weeks, ive had issues with my bowel on the lower left side. Its been painful, and theres been a lpt of mucous coming out. Byt np doctor seems concerned. Its been almost a week, i feel sick. Im now seeing blood with it. My poop is ultra thin, i want to puke... Im only 18. Im scared. Everything says i have cancer. I dont want to die. Im on the other side of the country from my home and ive had a panic attack both nights ive been here. Again. None of the doctors seemed concerned....
  • 1 month ago

    Would You Photograph Your Cancer?

    It’s common, of course, to capture photos of the happiest times of our lives – but what about the worst? WebMD blogger and cancer survivor Heather Millar looks at the different ways that cancer patients are using photography to cope with their condition: What do you think about having a portrait done while in cancer treatment?