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  • 2 days ago


    Looking for a breast surgeon in the Midwest that will perform lumpectomy with some sort of local anesthesia
  • 3 days ago

    ALL Leukemia

    My sister aged 76 has been diagnosed with ALL Acute lympho blastic Leukemia Philadelphia B - . She has heart failure, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and varicose vein ulcer on her leg. Some doctors want to treat her with chemo+ cortisone and some with antibody+cortisone whereas some tell us not to try any of these and leave her as it is. They say that due to age and other health problems she will not be able to tolerate any treatment. She may even get worse with side effects and shorten her life or....
  • 3 days ago

    How urgent is diagnosis lung cancer?

    I have had a cough over a year, which the doctor has tried to treat with antihistamines, expectorant, etc. It recently became much worse quite suddenly, and the doctor ordered chest x-rays. The x-rays showed an opacity in the upper lobe of my right lung. The doctor has sent a referral to radiology for a CT scan and I have been waiting for a call from them when they have an opening in their schedule. It's been over a week and no call from radiology. If this is lung cancer, isn't it urgent....
  • 3 days ago

    Lung cancer symptoms

    I have a doctor's appointment in a week but wanted to know I know some people don't show any symptoms till late stages but can you have multiple symptoms start within a couple weeks, I have had a long time cough but I smoke so wasn't concerned , but a couple weeks ago fatigue set in hard I can only work half of what I used to , coughing became worse, a few times now have coughed up blood in spit, and now starting yesterday my appetite is completely gone and when I try to eat it makes....
  • 4 days ago


    hi everyone, I am a male 23 years old, and for the past two weeks since monday 7th Jan, i have been getting a headache that has not gone away since, am not sure what caused the headache i do not know how to best describe the headache, so i'll try my best to describe. it first started off as a dull, numbing pain around the head and forehead, hen i lay down or go sleep it goes away but when i wake up for 10 minutes it does not appear but then it slowly starts up again and gets worse throughout....
  • 6 days ago

    Radiation treatment

    I just got home from Dr Of radioation. They say I have to lift my arms up over my head & I can’t do that. I have severe problems from my neck plus I had a stoke and was paralyzed on that left side. I was told I have to have my left arm up to have to treatment Have any one of y’all had this problem or known of one?
  • 9 days ago

    Scary symptoms

    Hello, my name is Eric. I am a 29 year old male, very skinny, and have smoked for about 11 years now. Well for about 5 months now I've been experiencing very debilitating fatigue. It has progressively been getting worse. Sometimes I get chest pains if I exert myself too much, and in the past week I get pain if I breathe in real deep sometimes or if I straighten my back as I usually slouch. My legs feel light as my muscles aren't as strong and get tired easily if I try to lift any weight or....
  • 10 days ago

    Persistent swollen lymph node(s)

    Hi, I honestly didn’t know what message board I should post this in, but none of the others seemed right. I have had one lymph node that has been swollen for about 2 years. Others come and go. And recently I have begun having occipital soreness when I move my head and pain to touch. Occasionally the lymph node hurts. I have taken many antibiotics for it, but no help. I have recently begun to also get chronic migraines and nausea. Not sure if it’s related. Do I need to see a doctor soon, or can it....
  • 12 days ago

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    Extreme pain in coccyx region Post a Robotic Prostatectomy

    Post a Robotic Prostatectomy in 2015, (PSA 10.4) my uncle who is now 82 has been suffering from extreme pain in the coccyx region. Currently the status is that he can neither sit nor rest in a sleeping posture for more than 20 minutes because of the pain. His medical treatments have spanned painkillers, physiotherapy, steroids , Epidural Steriod Injection without usage of fluoroscopy, Ganglion Impar Block (Diagnostic). The pain seems to worsen . His latest PSA levels are 0.30 and hence the oncologist....