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  • 15 days ago

    Have You Considered Joining a Clinical Trial?

    Clinical trials are meant to find new and better ways to treat, prevent, and detect conditions, like cancer. How much do you know about these trials? And have you ever considered joining one? In this article, Sonequa Martin-Green, an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer and daughter of a three-time cancer survivor (you may also recognize her from Star Trek: Discovery and The Walking Dead) explains what clinical trials are, their benefits, and why you may want to consider one:
  • 17 hours ago


    Can I post a picture of skin wart to determine if I should see a specialist?
  • 6 days ago


    I’m 37 with a possible T-cell large granular leukemia. I’ve had 2 bone marrow biopsies, cytogenetic test, multiple blood test(CBC,Flow cytometry,TCR). All came back consistent with T-cell neoplasm, but there still trying to get the definitive diagnosis. I’m going to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL and a local Oncologist. There’s to many test results to write down here. Is it normal to have such a hard time figuring out the exact diagnosis in T cell neoplasms. They due believe it’s slow growing....
  • 8 days ago

    Could I have mouth cancer at 19

    I was eating sour candys and the roof of my mouth started to bleed in a circle not a very big circle tho then over night it turned yellow with red around well now it seems like it is healing and getting smaller but could it still be cancer in the picture I am not swollen I have a extra bone in the top of my mouth and there is not blister just glare I just am looking at the little round thing.
  • 8 days ago

    My surgery for BCC

    The biopsy is to get a result, which was BCC. Now, they want me to go to the plastic surgery. They are cutting further to get the cancer out. Have anybody got BCC? Mine is on leg, about 3" above the ankle. My friend told me that you will be sedated, called twilight. You wont feel anything. You will be sleeping, is that true? I cant stand any pain. My arms trembling and shaking with any kind of pain. I didnt get a clear answer. i asked for what kind of anesthesia for this. The lady I talked to....
  • 11 days ago

    Weird dot on my hand

    So i have this red dot on my hand ,its not big or anything its small. ive had it for a while and i dont know what it is. its not flat its like a pimple but its notttttt a pimple and i know that
  • Irregular shaped mole

    How can I post a picture of an irregular shaped mole on my back for an opinion?
  • 11 days ago


    My wife had a sonogram done because she has endometriosis. When the results came back it showed she had 2 polyps that were 8mm and 6mm. The doctor said she will remove them when my wife goes into surgery to remove the endometriosis. Well, after the surgery we asked if she removed the polyps and said she had forgot all about them but not to worry about it. Should my wife and I be concerned? We've read what can happen if left untreated.
  • 14 days ago

    Weird white spot on my gum???

    HELP! It started two weeks ago, it was a spot that started coming out on a gum on top of my tooth. It doesn't hurt nor bleed, but it changes color back to normal whenever I press it. It also doesn't seem like a canker sore as it's not flat or anything. Currently I have gingivitis and my dentist already did deep cleaning to it. I asked her about it and she said it's probably a boil since my mouth had bacteria, similar to how pimples appear on your face when it's dirty. Although....
  • 16 days ago

    Father advance stage lung cancer

    Please find the below details of my father name Shree Bhagwan Gupta. Please let us know if we can take him for treatment. Could you please advice us. 1. His age is the big factor as his current age is 72 years and his weight is around 43 Kg only and he is very skinny now. 2. He is heart patient and few months back ( 6 months ) he got severe heart attack ( CAD-MI) and his current heart functioning(LVEF) is only 31% as per the latest report. He is on medicine now ( Neither Angioplasty nor bypass )....