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  • 5 months ago


    I have Parkinson's but a few months ago I started having partial seizures. I know seizures are not a motor movement, but I was wondering if there was any relation or if anyone else with Parkinson's has developed seizures.
  • 8 months ago

    I Feel Like I'm Going To Die, And/Or Lose My Mind! Losing Grip Of Reality!

    Hello ~ My name is, Cody. I am 30 y.o. I am currently going through something that I have never experienced within my lifetime before. Like, EVER! It is a seriously scary feeling, and I do not know what to do. To explain,........ One evening (around 3 A.M.), I was laying in my bed watching comedy videos on my cellphone (YouTube). Then, unexpectedly, I instantly shot out of bed and began pacing back and fourth within my living room. My boyfriend woke up and asked me, "What's wrong?"....
  • over 1 year ago

    Is Parkinson's Inherited?

    The shakiness and constant movement I've experienced for years I thought was from the caffeine or my anxiety and nerves. I have been dx'd w/COPD recently and my balance isn't great because of O² data are low, or so I thought. None of my Drs have been able to explain my extremely painful contractors I experience in my feet and hands. After describing all of my symptoms, Parkinson's is the 1st diagnosis listed. Its description summary was 100% if my issues. My great grandmother at age....
  • over 1 year ago

    ALS symptoms can be managed with cannabis use.

    Hello and good afternoon, I have been researching the medical benefits that cannabis holds for a variety of degenerative disorders, auto immune, and physiological symptoms. Cannabis is a universal medicine that can treat a wide range of symptoms and now it has been reported that ALS patients are finding more success using this medicine. It has given control back to patients that once were dependent on caregivers. Speaking from personal experience my uncle has been diagnosed with ALS and we have been....
  • over 1 year ago

    Involuntary movements

    Here it goes: I'm a 24 female with historic of chorionic tonsillitis but had my tonsils removed at age 17. On April I started having heart palpitations randomly so I went to the ER, general doctor there asked for an ECG which come back normal so he prescribed me Xanax 0,5mg/ once a day for 5 days, after 10 days the palpitations stoped. Couple of weeks later they come back this time I also got Ill with zebra I think was a bad cold, I had fever of 38, headaches and mucus. I noticed it took me a....
  • over 1 year ago


    What is the signs of MS
  • over 1 year ago

    Discovered in rehab facility while being treated for copd and balance issues.

    I am an 82year old male with several minor and some major heath issues, none threatening at this time. Currently living at Sunset Health facility in Raleigh NC undergoing treatment for copd, Parkinson’s and depression. Parkinson’s isonly being treated for balance and mild memory/mental issues. About 1year ago I began to experience panic attacks which are increasing in frequency.While undergoing PR and OT I cannot walk with a walker and mobility issues cause me to rely on wheelchair/powerchairs. Experiencing....
  • over 1 year ago

    Shingles and Parkinson's

    My mom was diagnosed with a UTI and Shingles. Its been 2 weeks and physically she is better but mentally she is still exhausted and has a hard time eating. Has anyone had this experience, and will we eventually see improvement cognitively? Also she has Parkinson's with Dementia.
  • over 1 year ago

    Diagnosis went from essential tremors to Parkinson’s about two years ago. I am 57.

    I am adjusting to my medication, carbidopa, l-dopa. I suffer from sleep attacks and pain in my left foot as it curls up and shakes. I would appreciate any positive thoughts on dealing with this disease. Thank you
  • over 1 year ago

    Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia

    Yesterday I was unable to get my husband awake. I tried at 6am, 7am, 9am and noon. He would stir a little then right back asleep. He has previously been diagnosed with Parkinsons and Lewy Body. I initially thought he had had a bad night. When I finally got a response from him at noon, he was very confused and disoriented. He was unable to walk steadily. He shuffled his feet when walking. I had to help him back to his chair. He kept dosing off. I called EMS and they transported him to the hospital....