• 5 months ago

    Weakness in legs

    So, I don't know where to get help. My DR has sent me to a Neurologist, who did an EMG test that came out normal for nerve and muscle response. I have a small amount of neuropathy. For the last several years I have had leg weakness, which has increased recently. My legs feel like they will not hold me up on occasions and they feel very week sometimes. I get a similar feeling in my right arm, and I am right handed. My right hand feels tingly and seems to go numb, and the EMG came out normal for my hand too. I have been getting increased random pain in my legs arms an feet. I have recently got TMJ and restless legs. I am taking Gabapenten for the restless legs. In the past several years my hands have turned blue on numerous occasions. I get cramps in my calves and feet often. I had an MRI for my brain and lower back and they came back normal. I have had X-rays that say nothing is pinched. There are times when I have extreme exhaustion. This is the one symptom that we may be able to eliminate, recently it feels like I have a chest cold and my lungs feel week, but I wonder if I have allergies and post nasal drip that are irritating my lungs maybe. I have had an ekg that came out normal.