• 1 month ago

    Neuropathy, mild mental confusion

    all this happened in last 45 days,
    pins and needles in left foot than in right foot, after that feeling of pins and needles in both hands progressed to forearms in 4-5 days and then went away, also had trouble with taking deep breaths and feeling of my throat constricting, this also went away.
    only went to my gp when i felt some weird pressure in left side of my head that cause to make stupid mistakes, mostly the automatic stuff like grabbing the keys when going outside, shut the lights off, working in the kicthen. stuff you dont think about. like there was a fog in my head.

    well my gp had me on somethings and sent me to get an mri as soon as heard me say gym.

    mri revealed: L5-S1 disc had focal endplate irregularity/modic type ii degenerative changes in left half associated with disc desiccation and mild degree left foraminal posterior disc bulge, however not compromising the exiting nerve root.
    vertebral body heights are intact, bonemarrow mr signals are within normal limits.
    conus is at d12-l1 level. cauda equina fibers intact. no abnormal paraspinal soft tissue mass is seen.
    subcentimeter hemangiomas seen in l4 vertebral body.

    my dad took this report to 3 or 4 docs 2 gps and two neurologists all of them saying that it was insignificant.

    then i went to a neurologist and he gave me neoprox 250mg and methycobal (b12) 1+1 everyday and sent me for an emg and nerve conduction study.
    i took neoprox and within 80-90 mins my head just cleared up(but none of the other symptoms went away). and i might have thought that it was placebo effect if not for when i was with him he said it might have been a virus that caused all the symptoms and when i said white count was normal he said it isnt always elevated.but when i went to the pharmacist he told me that drugs he prescribed me were a painkiller and a vitamin. (i know better now neproxen is an nsaid and b12 protect myelin)

    nerve conduction study revealed: motor nerve conduction study revealed nothing
    sensory nerve conduction:
    nerves of the right upper limb are fine
    reduced sensory nerve action potentials of bilateral sural nerves
    absent responses superficial peroneal nerve.

    emg report says: this electrophysiological study is suggestive or sensory polyneuropathy of axonal variety mainly affecting the lower limbs.

    ena, ana rfactor reports are normal
    standard blood test was normal, hdl, ldl, triglycerides normal.
    blood sugar at fasting 80, random 109.

    after seeing the emg report the doc put me on deltacortril 5mg 2pills 3 times a day, omeprazole 20mg 1 pill daily. and he asked me to continue taking neproxen and b12 which i found suspicous but i took 1 dosage of all the drugs and nothing changed, but it kept bugging me, taking both neproxen and corticosteroids so i consulted another neurologist and while reassuring me that you can take those drugs together if your stomach is protected he chose to substitute neproxen with pregabalin 50 mg (even though i told i have no pain just pins and needles and numbness). when i took those drugs

    deltacortril 5mg 2pills
    1 methycobal
    pregabalin 50 mg
    in the afternoon nothing happened except moderate pain in both my calves some string were pulling em upwards. so now i am just on
    deltacortril 5mg (2+2+2)
    1 methycobal (1+1)
    omeprazole (1)

    and that pain in my calves went away. my head is not as good as it was when i was on neproxen by better than before i started taking it. say about 80%.

    and tbh taking deltacortril and even neproxen for more than 30 days doesnt look like a solid strategy.

    theres eid here so the latest i can see a doc is friday till than i am on the above mentioned regiment also except for the head no other symptoms went away. and if i slap my forarms i feel slight pins and needles on my entire arms not the hands though, weird.

    anyways i await your replies./