• 6 months ago

    Balance is becoming worse

    Balance has been an issue I have struggled with pretty much my whole life . Breaking my femur, pelvis on my left side from an accident on a see saw . iv'e been doing pretty good. When I walk sometimes I weabel wobble ..but don't fall down . Thank God for narrow hallways. It's just been more weable. I tell my friends "don't walk next t me , I'll bump into you or knock you off the side walk". I remember walking with my friends t the local mini market . There was a curve in the side walk curving around t the left. I couldn't make this curve ... I walked directly to my right .. off the side walk.. facing forward ..side stepping to the right ... I had t have my friends stop me from walking this way .. I couldn't break from it. They came t my side and and stopped it . Then i walked w them in the middle . I have epilepsy and am on one t many medications. I have been working on balanecing with home physical exercises ... Stepping over cones.. mirror balance ... I'm feeling stronger . I need t increase my stamina . Just wanted to share . Thanks for reading .