• Neuropathy

    Hi This is Sharon, Naturopathy student
    I like to share with you guys some information on neuropathy, and the effect it has on the immune system.

    Neuropathy is considered an disorder that can affect the cranial, peripheral or the autonomic.

    Cranial nerves are attached to the back of the head, that can stem to the neck.

    - Symptoms headaches, light irritation, dizziness and other problems dealing with the brain.

    Peripheral nerves are attached to the brain and the spinal cord

    - Symptoms numbness, stiffness, muscles spasm, migraine headaches and other problems dealing with the brain and the spinal cord.

    Autonomic nerves are attached to the bladder, stomach and other internal organs.

    - Symptoms urinary tract infection, acid reflux, bloating, and gastrointestinal complications.

    As a naturopathic student who graduated with high degrees, I value the body and mind remedies personally.

    Those of you who are experiences pain, cayenne spice is good, it is considered a natural pain killer; next to prescriptive opioid.

    Mix together or buy organic power juice, that consist of green vegetables(broccoli, kale/mustard/celery) sprinkle one half teaspoon of cayenne spice, and one half teaspoon of sage spice.

    What this power juice does, is to stimulate your endorphins(brain cells) and to assist in relaxing nerves that is causing pain and anxiety.

    The option is yours however, twice a day; in the morning and the evening should suffice.

    Good Luck Sha