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    I have Parkinson's but a few months ago I started having partial seizures. I know seizures are not a motor movement, but I was wondering if there was any relation or if anyone else with Parkinson's has developed seizures.


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    I think that you can solve a lot of your problems by eating healthy. Pay attention to what you eat, choose carefully. We are what we eat.
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    Oh! That's just on point - "We are what we eat!". You know, a lot of our health problems could be escaped if eating right from a young age. A lot of people realize too late how important food is. And I won't judge them - it's not their fault, most of us cannot afford to eat healthy. Let's be real, health has a big price nowadays and even when you pay a good price you don't know how these vegetables have grown. You people should realize that health doesn't have a price, and the ingredients that you use for cooking also.
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