• 9 months ago

    Is Parkinson's Inherited?

    The shakiness and constant movement I've experienced for years I thought was from the caffeine or my anxiety and nerves. I have been dx'd w/COPD recently and my balance isn't great because of O² data are low, or so I thought. None of my Drs have been able to explain my extremely painful contractors I experience in my feet and hands. After describing all of my symptoms, Parkinson's is the 1st diagnosis listed. Its description summary was 100% if my issues. My great grandmother at age 96 exhibited the signed, as did her daughter, my Grandma. When I caring for my mom, I asked her once, if she was agreeing with what was being said on TV or was it her head moving. She obviously said TV, but I knew by her eyes, she was unaware. Added to my other diseases, this is another to learn how to manage. If it's true. Thank you for reading this. Deb