• 11 months ago

    ALS symptoms can be managed with cannabis use.

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    I have been researching the medical benefits that cannabis holds for a variety of degenerative disorders, auto immune, and physiological symptoms. Cannabis is a universal medicine that can treat a wide range of symptoms and now it has been reported that ALS patients are finding more success using this medicine. It has given control back to patients that once were dependent on caregivers. Speaking from personal experience my uncle has been diagnosed with ALS and we have been treating him with full extract cannabis oil that comes inn a syringe. The quality of the medicine has been outstanding and once again we have control in our hands so we measure exactly how much he is ingesting. I share this in the hopes to reach someone who is currently researching the medical benefits of cannabis oil. https://www.als.net/forum/yaf_postsm430587_CBD-Oil.aspx#430587