• 12 days ago

    lower back pain and ED

    1) Frequent & urgent urination - i get up to use the bathroom like 10 times a night.
    2) Dribbling - after urinating
    3) weak urine flow
    4) Lower back pain
    5) tingling in the buttocks region
    6) Erectile Dysfunction - some days i cannot get an erection. Some days only halfway.
    7) Lower abdominal pain sometimes.

    I have been to Cuba twice, I have done thoracic and lumbar mri's which the doctors said were normal.
    Scrotal ultrasound showed a small cyst in my left testicle. The doctor said that was normal. Micturating cystourethrogram was normal
    Nobody seems to know what the issue is and i really need some advice as to who to turn to next or what test should i do? do i see a neurologist, orthopedic doctor or urologist?

    If there is any more info needed to assist please ask


  • 5 days ago

    RE: lower back pain and ED

    It could be a prostate issue, check your prostate.
  • 4 days ago

    RE: lower back pain and ED

    I agree I think that it could be a prostate issue. I recommend going to a urologist. My grandpa has prostate cancer and he experienced horrible back pain. He was in a bicycle accident and fell on his back and this accident I think saved his life because the doctor ran the MRI and concluded that he was sick. Cannabis oil has kept him running after all these years and if you choose to research companies make sure that they use a whole molecule process and that premium flowers are used in their tinctures. CBD and THC in men---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwzQKkyQbg0