• 4 months ago

    lower back pain and ED

    1) Frequent & urgent urination - i get up to use the bathroom like 10 times a night.
    2) Dribbling - after urinating
    3) weak urine flow
    4) Lower back pain
    5) tingling in the buttocks region
    6) Erectile Dysfunction - some days i cannot get an erection. Some days only halfway.
    7) Lower abdominal pain sometimes.

    I have been to Cuba twice, I have done thoracic and lumbar mri's which the doctors said were normal.
    Scrotal ultrasound showed a small cyst in my left testicle. The doctor said that was normal. Micturating cystourethrogram was normal
    Nobody seems to know what the issue is and i really need some advice as to who to turn to next or what test should i do? do i see a neurologist, orthopedic doctor or urologist?

    If there is any more info needed to assist please ask