• over 1 year ago

    Random loss of control of one side of body


    I dont know if I post this on the right message borad, but here seems most appropriate.

    I am living with this my whole life and I am just curious what I am dealing with. Sometimes I loose partial control of my left sife of body (face, arm and leg). I can hardly contol it. Legs and arms go flying everywhere. When it happens I cover it to stand still and put my arm into my pocket (I can tear my pockets when the "attack" is big). This usualy happens when I suddenly need to move (for example when the light to cross the street goes green or in sports). Mostly is on the left side of the body, but when it comes to right side is very extreme. It happens completely ranodomly and I can feel it aprox. 10 sec when it will happen.

    This things are happening all my life so there is no distinct event after which it started to happen. I live healthy active lifestyle, but this thing is a pain in the a**.