• 1 month ago

    Brain Cyst - Symptoms and correlation

    I am 20 years old in my first year of university.
    I have been visiting back and forth with the doctors for approximately 18 months, complaining of the same symptoms: Nausea, focused headaches, spells of dizziness, tremor in my neck and back with certain movements, anxious mood and fatigue which is very bad in the first few hours of the day.

    I was finally referred for a brain scan where the doctor told me they incidentally found a 4.5cm Cyst on my back right posterior. With a mass report of 'Mild'

    My GP admitted he was clueless as to what this meant to me and 6 weeks later i am still awaiting an appointment with a Neuro-specialist. I am in the dark completely as to whether this a likely cause of these symptoms, as its been a huge part of my life for almost 2 years, which isn't going away, and this is the only semi break through.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.