• over 1 year ago

    Did I have a seizure?

    Approximately a month ago I received surgery. While waiting they inserted the IV and started administering a painkiller before the operation. During this I blacked out and had strange flashbacks. I woke up still shaking a bit with my jaw clenched tight but had no idea where I was for about 10 seconds. I was stressed out and my blood pressure dropped to 40/80. My friend in the room told me it looked like a seizure. I didn’t think much of it until last night when I was playing games with friends and drinking. My eyesight blurred for a bit, I later get up and walk to the kitchen to grab another beer. I experience a huge head rush and I start blacking out. I drop the game controller out of my hand and start slowly falling to the ground, my arms and jaw convulsing. I hit my head softly on the counter and snap out of it. I’m curious to know if this is typical seizure stuff or if I should see a doctor.