• 10 months ago

    Uncertain condition

    I've been having the following problems for the past year or more:

    - When speaking, I trip over my words

    - Sometimes I can't pronounce words even if I want to; I blurt out slurred speech because I can't translate quickly enough what I want to say; it's like my mind is way too far ahead of my speech.

    - I involuntarily and abruptly blurt out/briefly shock or spasm over syllables with my voice where I yell the first syllable (like Tourette syndrome). I don't want to yell and I don't want to spasm and look strange in front of people, but it seems I have no control over this. This happens more frequently than not and happens especially in stress situations when I have to make sudden decisions.

    - I get random involuntary shocks and muscle spasms/microsecond losses of conscience.

    One cause may be that I've stopped talking to people for a long time and I'm not used to talking anymore and another cause because during a martial arts training I was swiftly kicked to the back of my head, after which I saw white light flashing for a moment.

    I've never had this before. Is this some sort of a condition? My family doctors all tell me that I'm fine and that I'm healthy as a bird.


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Uncertain condition

    You need to see a neurologist. They can't know what you feel, and if you don't feel right you should go ahead and find out what it is. Only trained professional will be able to help you by physical assessment, not online or doctor who specialises in other areas like your GP