• over 1 year ago

    Please help I need advice

    I don't know if I have epilepsy but I have wierd episode every so often. I always know when it's comin due to the fact I can see spots and I get a migraine. I've always had migraines growing up but now that I'm 27 I don't get them as often as I did in my earlier years as a child and teen. I start to sweat really hard to the point it looks like I've just got done running. I get the feeling of defecation either throwing up or from rear end. My body goes limp so I either fall or try and sit down but I always end up crashing really hard. I can't keep my head up so I'm always just laid out on the floor. I soon fall into a wierd state of unconsciousness either I blank out and I'm in a day dream or I'm wide awake but it's like I'm standing over myself looking at me with my eyes wide open. In both states I'm not able to move at all except my eyes when I'm aware. When I come to I never know how long I was out of it. I end up throwing up or crapping( I always go in a bathroom when I know episodes gonna happen). And it takes about 30 mins to regain myself or to feel normal. Can someone please help me!!