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    Headache for 10 years (migraine ?)

    I have been suffering of headache for almost 10 years. I am working in IT industry.
    I have tried to list out everything to know all about headache.

    1. One side headache (throbbing). 75% left side and 25% right side headache.
    2. Nerve at side of the scalp gets enlarged and blood goes speedily
    3. Little blur vision and sometimes flashes
    4. Sensitivity to reflected sun or bulb light
    5. Sensitivity to thin and high sound
    6. Little hot body
    7. Feeling hot and little sweat sometimes
    8. Weakness
    9. Anger
    10. Yawning
    11. Nausea (never vomit)
    12. Confusion and lack of concentration
    13. Gas and burps
    14. Hard to eat even small bite

    I feel symptoms 1 to 5 every time, and other depends on how severe headache is.

    What can trigger headache (in 75% cases following list trigger headache)
    1. Too much stress or anger
    2. Sleeping less or during day time
    3. Foods like onion, chickpea flour foods, cold drink etc
    4. Facing sun for very long time
    5. Too much heat
    6. Too much physical activities, sex, long journey during day time
    7. Once a week during summer, once a 10 to 15 days in winter (without any above reason)
    8. During partial cloudy weather in monsoon
    9. Skipping meal or meal at late time

    What helps
    1. Paracetamol + nimesulide, paracetamol + ibuprofen, paracetamol + diclofenac
    2. Giving pressure in side of the scalp (on nerve), back of ear, side of nose near eye, below jaw gives pain relief for time being. Pressure on the side where pain is occurred.
    3. Sometimes rubbing Vicks vaporub.

    1. This kind of headache has been almost for 10 years.
    2. Mother, uncle (mother's brother) also have headache but not all have same symptoms.
    3. Tablets give relief in one to three hours.
    4. If its just starting of headache (light headache), then half portion of tablet gives relief.
    5. Mostly starts during mid night. When getting up in the morning, I start feeling symptoms.
    6. Little to mild headache continues throughout the day and getting worse as day passes. Finally have to take medicine.
    7. Sometimes headache starts in evening and goes away during night sleep without medicine.
    8. After severe headache goes, I feel too weak for couple of hours.
    9. During normal days feels energized and peace in brain.

    Consulted many doctors (Allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic) but all have different opinions,
    - Migraine headache
    - Gastric headache
    - Swelling in one side
    - Paracetamol over usage.

    Can anybody please tell me what kind of headache it is?
    What is the treatment or medicine(safe)?


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Headache for 10 years (migraine ?)

    I am so sorry for your pain!!! Do you have a neurologist? My headaches were constant, right above my left eye. They had me in tears a lot, and went through just about everything you've described. I had MRI's, and CAT scans. There was no real reason for the headaches, so he put my on gabapentine. It has done wonders!
    I wish you all the best,
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Headache for 10 years (migraine ?)

    Do you still have headache issues or did you get treatment?
      • 2 months ago
        I very seldom get the headaches, the gabapentin does the trick! I also have Epilepsy, and had a TBI awhile back. You should see a Neurologist if you haven’t already, ask for an EEG, maybe even an MRI. Let me know how everything works out! No one deserves to live like that.