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    Arm moved on its own

    I have been having a variety of symptoms lately and honestly believe I might have MS. I had an MRI last week and have an EEG/EMG/followup this week. Literally seems as though I have a new symptom just about every day. The latest has only happened once and it freaked me out. I raised my left arm to scratch my face and my arm just like jerked away. It felt so weird and it might be nothing but with everything else going on, every little thing is worrisome now. Has anyone else had anything like this happen or know what it's associated with?


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    RE: Arm moved on its own

    Hi Joaocparr

    My story started like this: one day I suddenly began to feel heart palpitations that went away after couple of weeks and come back couple of weeks after they had stopped. I got a cold and throat bacteria went to the doctor and treated it. Meanwhile I had weight loss, 5kg over a month span (approx 11lbs), loss of apetite and continuous heart palpitations. Went back to the dr found a heart murmur did FR test negative, HIV negative, Blood tests normal, thyroid eco found thyroid cysts but TSH, T3 e T4 come back normal, ECG all normal só my heart has no reason to be racing. Had night sweats about 3 times over two month span and lately been having involuntary muscle movements, sometimes is just the muscle moving for a few seconds but sometimes as I fall asleep it's a jerk like movement.
    Before all of that I was experience SEVERE ANXIETY, I was scared of everything and was paranoid. I couldn't sleep for more than 2 hours every night.
    I don't know if this is still anxiety related or if I have something physical like MS. Don't know what to do. If you could share with me your journey I'd appreciate it.
    I don't know if I should go see a neurologist and get an MRI, CT scan and everything just to feel rested I don't even know.
      • 13 days ago
        : I have had a wide variety of symptoms for years but here lately it has been significantly worse. It would take a long time to discuss my whole story but I'll try to sum it up. About 10 years ago my symptoms began with anxiety, memory issues, blacking out, nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Found out I have POTS, GERD, and IBS. The doctor said the memory issues and blacking out were caused from the anxiety and I tried every medicine available with no success. Sometime within the next year, my hip became numb/tingly/painful. Again, doctors had no clue what it was. Fast forward to now, I learned to cope with symptoms as best as possible and gave up with trying to get help from doctors. At this point, I still have all the same symptoms plus extreme fatigue, often feeling "in a daze", neuropathy, twitching, muscle pains/weakness, incontinence, and tremors. I finally went back to the doctor because it has gotten to the point that I am unable to function most days. I am surprised I haven't lost my job yet honestly. My MRI and EMG were normal. My EEG came back with slight abnormalities that the doctor wants to explore further so I am scheduled to have a sleep deprived EEG that lasts an hour instead of the 20-30 mins like the other. So far, no real answers.
      • 4 days ago
        : did you have you EEG yet? I'm also having heart palpitations, today I noticed that all the hair in my body has thinned out even pubic hair and also I'm having hair loss plus new symptom from 4-5 days is I see black spots and random spots. I think I'll have my eyes checked out next week. I'm still waiting on the result of my anti-thyroid anti-corps. Do you have any idea what my symptoms can be and which health professional I should see? I worry about this everyday.
      • 4 days ago
        : also my input is don't think that all of your symptoms are caused by the same thing i. e. one single disease. Maybe some are maybe others are caused by anxiety maybe other are just random symptoms with no underlaying condition. Have you I thought thus could be MS? the thing is your exams came back normal.
        You should try doing your own research if you find any disease that looks similar to your Symptons go in deep and try to get it ruled out by docs. If you think my symptoms sound like any disease please advise.
        Good luck
      • 1 day ago
        : I actually go for my sleep deprived EEG in the morning. I really thought it was MS but after the normal MRI, the neurologist ruled that out. One thing I did find out was that I've had mono before which is apparently attributed to CFS, Fibro, and several other things. So, maybe that's the direction I'll follow next. I really don't know what yours sounds like but I'd definitely go see a neurologist if not just to rule out things.
      • 1 day ago
        : I see. I've been investigating on my own on the internet to see if something is similar to what I have and so far I found several things but it'd have to be more than one disease to cause all the symptoms I been having or attribute some of the them to stress. I don't know if I can get my family support going to the neurologist. They think there's nothing wrong with me that this is anxiety. I don't know what to do. I found some mouth sores yesterday so I'm going to the dentist ( passing it as my 6 months standard cleaning). My vision also has been bothering me. I'm still waiting for my anti-thyroid anti-corps analysis to come back in a week. After that I'll see what I'll do. I pray it's thyroids that's causing this imbalance.
        Good luck on your exam