• over 1 year ago

    Unable to diagnose properly regarding Seizures. Please Help


    My nephew is 2 yrs 6 months.
    And he had a very tough birth experience.
    Doctors gave too much oxygen when he was born.
    and after few months he started to suddenly have seizures .
    We consulted alot of doctors in our country unfortunately no one is able to identify properly.
    Mostly came to conclusion of EPILEPSY.
    However, they dont tell us what should we do, or how can we make it better. Most common answer we heard is that it is common in first 5 years for special cases. so dont worry about it. however we are really worried about him as this is getting worst,
    fits sometimes goes upto approx 30min until he reaches hospital. Its coming usually after 1 or 2 months randomly.

    Furthermore, now recently he can not even walk properly, his balance while walking is getting strange. He can not run. His eyesight got very weak. I am afraid that if we keep on ignoring like this it will get worse. If you need reports , I am happy to provide it you.

    please let me know what can we do. Any help will be appreciated. Now our final thought is to get him checked from some other country having good neuro drs. I am looking forward to your kind replies.

    Kind regards