• 8 months ago

    Brain injury lack of oxygen

    My sister went into Duke for a back surgery. A few days after the surgery she went into cardiac arrest twice an was brought back by CPR. She was still at Duke an put in ICU on a ventilator. The CAT scan showed no brain bleed or stroke. EEG showed, brain activity, but slow. She responds to pain. Eyes will dilate some. It's been six days an she has not regained consciousness. The doctors say her brain was damaged by lack of oxygen. She has not had MRI. Doctors want to send her to hospice. Been off ventilator for two days breathing on her own. Blood pressure an pulse good. I need advice on what to do. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Brain injury lack of oxygen

    Get a lawyer. Seeking advice on what to do on a internet forum is not a smart idea. Each case is unique, we cannot give you medical or legal advice. There are all kinds of predators on the web that are more then happy to make you their next victim. There are more than a few here on these boards so be very careful in what you say and do.