• over 1 year ago


    I had sudden and unexpected head pain either in my left or right temple or the back of head and it usually lasts seconds to minutes, and sometimes after that I have milder headaches throughout the day. This has been happening to me since December. Other symptoms include nausea, sensitive to light and sound, pain on my lower right stomach, tingling sensation in head (it feels like someone is tickling my brain), muscle spasms, shaking, random cough attacks, neck pain, and tightness around throat. I also get anxious a lot so maybe that triggers it? Another important thing, I sometimes don't understand what people are saying. They speak English to me but it sounds like a whole different language that my brain refuses to understand. Also when my headaches come around I go through memory loss. Please help me I might go to the neurologist soon but that's a long wait. Do any any of you have any idea what's going on?