• 8 months ago

    can someone diagnosis my nerve problem

    Height 5feet 6 inches ...weight 69 age 26
    Diabetic ,thyroid tests,results are normal .NCS,RNS,EMG also normal .Currently my symptoms are ... double vision when I am closing and opening eyes ,walking difficulty ,when I am wide opening mouth severe pain,small bulges on some places on nerves ,when I am moving hands or legs back side of head is little paining ,trouble in eye moments .opening and closing fists becoming stiff and pain is coming and sound also coming,not able to type and not able to write more than 10 mins ,many places on body got swelled but no pain ,red rashes are coming on hands on closing fist ,anxiety and trouble in concentration,slight memory loss ,After walking 15 mins my legs becoming heavy especially at ankle region and not able to run or execrcise at all . neck painand back pain,Hands also became very tight and not able to hold any object after some time.When I am stretching my body pain is coming.weight gain happened ,legs swollen at ankle.feet ,hips abnormally.weight gain around 10 kgs in last 9 months . the left side of body is loosening .Consulted orthopedic and he is not able to find anything after that consulted neuro doctor and he said CTTH and gave me nerve injunctions and b12 tablets for 5 months but no relief.what it can be