• over 1 year ago

    Concussion 2 years later

    I never thought I had concussions. turns out all the times I saw stars after diving for balls were all mild concussions.

    Jan of 2016 got a concussion playing volleyball.
    3 days later I got pushed into a wall playing basketball.
    Started feeling like crap but did not know why.
    I played again a week later and the rest is history.

    I came home from that game and could not leave a dark room for over 3 months. The next year was terrible. Every day I was nauseous and bad sensitivity to light, sounds, etc.

    June of 2017 I started feeling a lot better and I decided to play vollyball. And I promptly dove for a ball and saw stars. Here we go again.

    July of 2017 I was golfing even though I could barley function and during my violent swing and twisting my head I saw stars and again felt much worse in the next few weeks.

    August of 2017 is a month I will never forget. I was selling a home for a gal and she thought she could help me with my issues and offered to hook me up to electrical stimulation via ear clips. After declining a few times I decided to give it a try. at first I could not feel anything. then I started feeling my brain pumping with each electrical pulse. after what I think was a few minutes. I took them off cause I could not function.

    After this I started shaking and had the chills every second of every day. I hardly new my name for months and I still have symptoms to this day.

    I am nauseous ever day. Cant look at computer screens. My neck gets super tight all the time. mostly in the back of my neck and then going down my back. I cant get my heart rate up without nasty symptoms.

    Any one every experienced anything like this before. Any advise would be welcomed at this point. How long could this last.