• over 2 years ago

    PLEASE HELP( Neurological/ cardio problems)

    Hi , im on this forum at the moment seeking help or maybe people w some of the same things ive been feeling for the past 6 months that can maybe help me better understand what i might have as a condition or how to stay in tact with myself. So let me start by saying im 19and have beem healthy all my life i used to get dizzy spells sometimes at a young age but nothing like how ive been feeling for a while now. About 6 months ago i began have bad heart palpitations and dizzy spells and not being able to drive at certain points because i would have panic attacks and feel like i was going to faint behind the wheel. Following that i was put on betablockers and have been back and fourth to doctors and cardiologists for months doing stress tests, being on heart monitors, echocardiograms and ekgs that all came back normal but i still feel myself getting these irregular and extremely fast heart rates when i sit up or lay down (mostly worse at night) and definitely increase with anxiety. A few months went by and the betablockers seemed to help a little so i just assumed i had terrible anxiety but come this past february i was sitting eating dinner going about my normal day and suddenly i couldnt focus on anything and i felt like i couldn't remember any short term things and i felt weak and i got up went to the bathroom and went and layed down on my bed and suddenly everything went black and the next thing i remember was my mom shaking me and asking me what happend i woke up and was llaying in a pile of blood on my pillow and felt extremely hungover and completely confused as to what happened. My mom didnt see what happened to me because i was in my room but she immediately took me to the hospital and the did many tests including a CT scan an MRI artery valve ultra sounds blood tests and xrays and everything came back normal. Prior to all of this for about a week or two before this "seizure"the doctors in the hospital told me i had , i had been experiencing horrible headaches id have to sleep off that would be throughout my whole head with sharp pains and into my ears. My ears also sometimes ring and feel clogged and ache and also i get pins and needles in my finger tips and toes once in a blue moon still to this day and same with the headaches. So from there on out i stayed at the hospital over night where they released me the next day and ordered an eeg test to have done. My neurologist got results back a few days later after they conducted the test for about 15 minutes and he called saying i had temporal lobe epilepsy and he started me on keppra and lamictal twice a day already on topof the beta bockers i already take and birth control i just started. Because i feel like my symptoms are getting worse including the headaches extreme dizziness earaches ,suttle confusion at times and worsened anxiety i went to get a second opinion at a doctor who i thought to be very intelligent and after hearing my symptoms and episodes ive been experiencing for months told me i may not have epilepsy at all considering ive only had the one seizure and no one even saw it happen. So for now im decreasing the amount of epilepsy medications im on and instead of taking two ill be taking one eventually (the lamictal) and hes going to be runing other tests including a second mri to make sure its not something they missed reading it the first time, more blood testing, a table tilt test because he thinks i may have POTS an ansar test and a 24 hour eeg to actually prove of theres abnormalities and any signs of epilepsy. With all of this my current fear day in and day out for on going months upon months now is that i have a brain tumor and its causing me to be extremely stressed and anxious all day and night because im scared i might die and waiting for test results and having follow up appointments woth all of that is making me slowly go insane because im just so scared for my health that i have cancer right now. So if anyones out there that maybe has ever felt the same way or a doctor that can maybe read this and help me or comfort me in anyway till i fet results back it would be highly APPRECIATEd because its making me so terrified all day everyday and its hard for me to focus on work school and relationships and i wish i just had answers thank you for anyone who toom the the time to read this i just want to feel better....:(