• over 2 years ago

    Prolonged Toxic Mold Exposure...what all can it cause?

    First of all, my exact question isn't completely brain/nervous system related but there isn't really a message board suited for my question/situation...

    I worked in an office for over 2 years that was infested with black mold and aspergillus. I've been sick more times in the past 3 years then I have throughout my entire life. And even while working in that office I suffered an early miscarriage - to be fair, I don't have a clue if mold had anything to do with that but I definitely do wonder because the doctor couldn't tell me what caused it.

    I've been out of that environment since the middle of May 2017 but still experiencing symptoms (brain fog, memory loss, other cognitive issues, digestive problems, random dizziness, severe fatigue, passing out multiple times, etc.) and for the past several months I've had pretty strange menstrual irregularities, such as being late (like a week late) every month for several months, periods only lasting 2 days, bleeding between periods, etc. I'm not pregnant so that isn't the cause and just last week I was told that I have several ovarian cysts on both of my ovaries. Does anyone know if prolonged exposure to both of those molds could have caused these menstrual irregularities and the cysts? Aside from migraines with aura I get once a year, I was completely healthy before I worked in that office, never had issues with my reproductive system, memory, fatigue, nothing! And at most I got sick once or twice a year but while I was there I was sick like every 2 or 3 weeks!! Also, before working there I never had allergies before in my life but while I was in that office I developed horrible allergy issues. Thankfully those have pretty much gone away since leaving that office. Anyway, if anyone knows if prolonged toxic mold exposure can cause reproductive issues like I'm experiencing or knows a direction to point me in please let me know. Thank you!