• 6 months ago

    weird pain/ feeling/ left side where chest and shoulder meet .

    i have been having this weird pain or feeling , its More of a point. that feels pain. and cause my left arm and leg, numbness and tingling.
    this point is exactly located above my left nipple 2cm slightly toward the arm. see attached photo.

    it feels so heavy sometimes. or im having a heart attack.

    i went to ER did test for heart attack . but all came clear . im 37 years old.
    dont smoke or drink.

    * this feeling usually used to happen to me when smoking "weed" and some times by prescription drugs*

    but not i was taking antibiotics called "klacid xl" i stopped it . the this pain. come and goes. for the past 3 days.. it feels horrible..

    Why i was taking the antibiotics ?
    it all started 3 month ago. i have weird pain in my abdominal its moves. from left to right . and it hurts like bruises. but no coloring or redness.
    done all tests
    URIN test

    all came clear . so they said some bacteria " H pylori" but apparently not.

    any advise ?

    Thank You