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    Father's health is declining, what could be wrong with him?

    My father is 64 years old, and has trouble walking and getting up from a chair. He limps a lot, has a bad back, and seems like he may fall over any moment. He is often unable to fall asleep and stay asleep; he was hospitalized briefly on his 64th birthday a few months ago with an irregular heartbeat, and went for an emergency EKG again a few weeks later after being unable to sleep all night with a severe headache, which I heard came out normal. Since then, he has not had any serious incidents. He doesn’t think it’s arthritis, but some nervous system disorder. He has been to doctors who have prescribed him Ambien, Neurontin, and a few other generics, but he says those drugs have not helped him very well. He is 5’11”, weighs about 175 pounds, and has been fairly healthy until recently. His father lived to 84 and his mother lived to 90. He smoked some in his twenties, but has never touched tobacco since then. When he was hospitalized, I found out he had been drinking a lot of whiskey, more than I thought he did, behind my back late at night. I believe and hope he has cut back or stopped drinking it altogether since then. He had to cut down his working hours due to his age and health, but now cannot go back in his physical condition, and has been using up his vacation and sick time. I have been a good son; I often come over to help him out with everyday activities, and my mother has been calling him up asking how he’s doing, despite them splitting when I was a child. We don’t know what he could be suffering from, and if it could be possible for him to recover physically.


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    RE: Father's health is declining, what could be wrong with him?

    Check vitamin levels and minerals like vitamin D that help with bone pain.
    Magnesium that helps muscle and sleep if he has coffee caffeine or alcohol that will deplete magnesium. he will be in pain not sleeping.
    also check vitamin c along with vitamin B- B12.
    sleeping pills won't help maybe his melatonin is low.
    Potassium could mess with the heart like irregular heart beats won't pickup on EKG.
    you could look into hormone check. Adrenal glands could be fatigued that will
    bring pain and so drained dizzy. low bp could cause dizziness.
    Cortisol could be low that is with endocrinologist