• over 2 years ago

    Essential Tremor

    My understanding of this disease it is inheirted. It was diagnosed as Essential Tremor. I first showed very minor symptons at age 12. It causes your hands to tremor in my case and got worse as I aged. It is worse some days than others. It does not hurt but is a big embarasment when you cannot hold a glass or eating utensils steady. I became a fighter pilot and flew for 20 years and was steady as a rock in a profession that requires precision. Now in my early 80's it has really gotten bad. Anyone here affected by this and if so how are you treating it? I have an anti seizure drug that offers some help but do not like the side effects


  • 24 days ago

    RE: Essential Tremor

    I have been diagnosed Essential Tremors since my early 20's 49 now.
    I was told they do not know why it comes on, or what causes it. I do know no body in my family or extended family ever had it. So it being inherited seems wrong. fighter pilot, HooRah I was in the Nat. Guard qualified with every weapon system they thru at me. I tried a gluten free diet for a few months it helped tremors diminished significantly.
    But at the time gluten free foods were to expensive for me and not nearly as available as they are today. I know that post is 2+ years old but maybe my post will help someone.