• 2 months ago

    Caring for my Mom

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I recently moved home to help take care of my Mom who's 80 and starting to show some memory issues. The past few days, she is a total disaster and simple things she could do Monday, she cant do now 5 days later. She couldn't remember how to wash her hair, open her locked door, put the coffee pot together and answer her phone. Today, it was what to put in first to get dressed. I didnt think this came on this fast! I have 2 brothers that live close, one is always busy and the other is her POA & conservator of her money, he also. Believes he rules the roost and calls the shots. From what it seems, they want to out her in a home and forget shes there. I want to be at home with her and take care of her here, she also wants this. How do I make it happen and is it possible for to be paid thru the state for being her caregiver? Please any insight is greatly appreciated!