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    Medication Discussion Epileptic help

    1 clinical seizure in young adulthood( age 16 )

    Diagnosed Bipolar 1 at age 19.

    Lithium Carbonate provided on and off till age 25.

    Lithium Carbonate provided consistently age 25 till age 27.

    I experienced psychosis, massive anxiety, and 1 major manic event from the age 19 till 26 October 15th.

    On October 15th 2018 I was provided Lamictal for the first time and the symptomes disappeared rapidly. Leaving me feeling like wow! how long have I really been gone for?!? Since then, I have been able to obtain 300mg of lamictal upon request. 200mg left me feeling like there was still something missing and that if epileptic people where allowed 400mg, could I request 300mg. My doctor provided me 300mg( 100mg more than the bipolar range of treatment) but would not allow me to have epidiolex a cbd based medication. From ages 19 till 23 I smoked sativa pot a lot! This helped self-medicate. But the psychosis from the thc would get really bad at times. Eventually, pot became legal and a friend recommend pure CBD oil that was not THC at all! I took some pure CBD oil and it felt like I added 50mg-100mg of lamictal to my prescription list almost as if the I up'd my dose with the CBD oil. SInce, the product was legal I try'ed some for about a week and fell in love with the benefits. It was the second time I felt so incredible. The first time being initially prescribed the lamictal back in October 15th of 2018. And the second time obtaining CBD oil from MYNT this October 2019. The combination seemed to cure everything completely. Although I want my insurance to cover the CBD oil bill.. since it is treating my illness... although my doctor wont prescribe me the dose and this makes my own dosing( if I continue and this is safe) uncontrolled.

    I consulted my psychartist about the therapuetic benefits of both lamictal and CBD oil. I argued that they both point towards epilepsy based solely on the therapuetic benefits. Although, his agruement was that I have bipolar and the fact that anticolvuslants work for my illness is unrelated to the fact that they work for epilepsy. Then I argued that the theurapuetic benefits were great. He responded that he would not prescribe epidiolex on the basis that it is not needed and would not treat my illness.

    My question is how do I approach MY medication and this condition. Do I try to obtain more information? What kind of information can I gather? Is this completely safe for my liver and neuro processes? Do I need to be diagnosisd epileptic instead of bipolar? Do other bipolar patients every experience a seizure in their life? Wouldn't atleast on seizure contribute to acute or minor seizure relation between bipolar and epilepsy?

    My goal is to either obtain 400mg of lamictal or 300mg of lamictal and some low controlled form of CBD, or 400mg lamictal and some low controlled form of CBD( if this is safe).

    In addition, I have a very very healthly life style.

    I bike to and from school.
    I drink tons of water.
    I weightlift and practice martial arts.
    I drink protein (about 50 grams a day with milk blended)
    I drink BCAA's with that protein daily.
    I take multivitamins.
    I take natural supplement called tumeric daily as well.

    I am concerned with
    Brain health
    Steven Jonshons disease 0.04% chance of anyone taking lamictal can contract.
    Liver health
    Heart health

    Any advice, recommendations, research articles, personal experiences, and general discussions would be great.