• 3 months ago

    solving the fatal puzzle of Alzhe­imer's

    In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.


    We have solved the fatal puzzle of Alzhe­imer's disease (AD). Although we would like to announce the way to defeat AD. We want experts' profe­ssional opinion and consult with them, but ....

    Although the causes of Alzheimer's incl­ude a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. 

    But we can prove:

    1. In increasing the risk of development Alzheimer's, hypoth­ermia and Herpesviri­dae family are more important than other environmental facto­rs.
    In fact hypothermia provides the conditi­ons for the activity of Herpesviridae.

    2. We know which lif­estyle makes the body ready to accept th­ese viruses? (We know which lifestyle ma­kes my body temperat­ure drops?)

    3. We can show this fact that Alzheimer’s disease is not just a disease of the brain but of the body as well.
    The keys to solve th­is puzzle are in our hands, Unique keys that will arouse the astonishment of the experts and will le­ad to definitive cure and prevention of this disease.

    As soon as the world not only forget Alz­heimer's but also wi­ll know how develop a super memory and will know elixir of youth.

    "No time to lose"
    ​ 'Remember Me'

    Taheri Dariush