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  • 2 days ago

    The MIND Diet That May Help Fight Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia in older people. Click through to find out how the MIND diet may help prevent or delay symptoms:

  • 1 hour ago

    A recent change to my meds has gone poorly, and I need to reverse that change, but don't know how I should go about doing that. Psychiatrist has been on vacation, and I need to get this sorted out ASAP.

    BASIC INFO: Age: 23, Male, 5'11'', 148.5 lbs, white Diagnosed with: Severe clinical depression, Asperger's, OCD, severe anxiety disorder, ADHD. Medications I take daily: Venlafaxine (225mg, at night), Bupropion (300mg, morning), Clomipramine (50mg) Medications I rarely take (~1 every 2-3 months?), but have, to deal with anxiety: Propranolol (20mg), Clonazepam (.5mg) After taking mirtazipine (45mg) for ~11 years, my psychiatrist and I decided to ween me off of it (she thought I could....
  • 5 hours ago

    Head and Neck pain

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issues. We went on vacation and I wasn't feeling well coming home but brushed it off. Made it home and got a terrible headache told my husband I was going to lie down next thing I know I had fainted. I had numbness in bottom lip and extremely week on right side. They done CT scan and everything was good. Sent me home and since then I have been bedridden for over a week I can no longer support my head it hurts so bad in the neck and when I walk it....
  • 15 hours ago

    I can hardly sleep please help me

    Hi everyone, I hope there's someone that had some same experience with me and can shed some info. I looked through WebMD and it will be my first time posting. I'm from Malaysia, and I pretty much carry a lot of problems with me, literally. I have severe allergic rhinitis since I was a kid, currently 24. It was always a problem for me as I would always have to spit out my phlegm every few minutes. When I was 22, there was a serious case of haze that happened for months and I had a severe fever....
  • 2 days ago

    Headaches and other symptoms...

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I've been wanting to hear opinions regarding headaches. I'm a 25 yo woman, healthy, I don't smoke or drink. I remember having headaches ever since I was a kid, ever since always taking OTC meds trying to control it. Three years ago I had a CT scan that came back clear and the doctor started treating me for migraine. Ever since I took different kinds of meds but I've never been more than 2/3 days headache free. In the last months I've been having....
  • 3 days ago

    Something weird is going on in my brain.

    Ok start off I've been having short term memory problems. Like I will tell my husband I love him 3 times in 5 minutes that I love him and not remember the first two times I told him. Or I will repeadiatly ask the same question over and over not remembering asking it or ever receiving an answer. My memory is consistently getting worse. The second thing is that every once and a while I will feel a numbness in the back of my head almost like the back of my head fell asleep. My hands fall....
  • 3 days ago

    Schizophrenia becoming epilepsy becoming memory loss and nausea

    Wow do I have a lot to tell. In 1996, I had a schizophrenic breakdown, was put on Thorazine and Haldol and other ancient drugs with terrible side effects. My brain scan showed that I have abnormal left lobe activity. I also had breakdowns in 1997 and 2012, when off medication. About three years ago, I had several hours in which I was amazingly abnormally confused. I was asked at the hospital the name of my father, and I said something like "January 29th." I vomited, had a brain scan, they....
  • 3 days ago

    Uncontrollable shaking, severe jerking or my hands and legs.

    I have all the sudden started jerking twisting or shaking mainly concerned about my hands and my upper legs they jerked very erratic and painful when I'm holding something my hand will jerk so hard that I will throw it in my hand and My legs so much that they raise up. My Hans also shake all day long also not sure if this is as anything to do with it but my eyesight has gotten very very very bad but in the last year my grandmother passed away of Parkinson's disease my other grandmother has....
  • 4 days ago

    Brain fog and muscle weakness

    Sorry I don't know if this belongs here or not... Anyways for the last few years I have been suffering from a range of problems. Mostly mental things like brain fog, confusion, inability to focus and think straight. Also a lot of muscle aches and weakness. I find it particularly hard to walk up and down stairs because my legs and lower back seem weak and wobbly and I have difficultly balancing/controlling movement. I also often drop things especially when feeling particularly weak. I am lethargic....
  • 4 days ago

    Are there any adverse affects drinkig organic Bentonite clay while taking Lamotrigine/lamictal

    Im trying to find a natural/organic detoxing,I know that I shouldn't take Bentonite clay around a 1 hour or so while taking medication. I have concerns if the Bentonite clay might be to much of a detoxifier and somehow pull the lamotragine out of my body.