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  • 22 hours ago

    Numbness in toe

    Hello. I am a 15 y/o male. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a feeling of numbness in my toe. I brushed it off and assumed it would go away, but it hasn’t. I am pretty worried, but have a packed schedule and don’t want to see a doctor if I don’t have to. The numbness is not in the tip of the toe, it’s more so in the joint area where it bends. What could be wrong with my toe?
  • Neuropathy

    Hi This is Sharon, Naturopathy student I like to share with you guys some information on neuropathy, and the effect it has on the immune system. Neuropathy is considered an disorder that can affect the cranial, peripheral or the autonomic. Cranial nerves are attached to the back of the head, that can stem to the neck. - Symptoms headaches, light irritation, dizziness and other problems dealing with the brain. Peripheral nerves are attached to the brain and the spinal cord - Symptoms numbness, stiffness....
  • 3 days ago

    Weakness in legs

    So, I don't know where to get help. My DR has sent me to a Neurologist, who did an EMG test that came out normal for nerve and muscle response. I have a small amount of neuropathy. For the last several years I have had leg weakness, which has increased recently. My legs feel like they will not hold me up on occasions and they feel very week sometimes. I get a similar feeling in my right arm, and I am right handed. My right hand feels tingly and seems to go numb, and the EMG came out normal for....
  • 20 days ago

    Balance is becoming worse

    Balance has been an issue I have struggled with pretty much my whole life . Breaking my femur, pelvis on my left side from an accident on a see saw . iv'e been doing pretty good. When I walk sometimes I weabel wobble ..but don't fall down . Thank God for narrow hallways. It's just been more weable. I tell my friends "don't walk next t me , I'll bump into you or knock you off the side walk". I remember walking with my friends t the local mini market . There was a curve....
  • 24 days ago

    Regarding sub-dural hematoma symptoms

    I would like to add that the symptoms of a sub-dural hematoma that I experienced were stuttering, extreme nausea and horrific light sensitivity. When mine was diagnosed 10 days after the initial head trauma, it required an emergency craniectomy. Scariest 3 months of my life when I was without 1/3 of my skull.
  • 30 days ago

    Spine injury

    I stepped in a hole and feel right on my face. I think I got what the NFL calls a Stinger. My forearms and fingers tingle and hurt in a weird way. It's been 48 hours and I'm moving and walking. I hate going to the hospital unnecessarily. What should I take or do in a practical way to make nerves calm down?
  • 1 month ago

    Neuropathy, mild mental confusion

    all this happened in last 45 days, pins and needles in left foot than in right foot, after that feeling of pins and needles in both hands progressed to forearms in 4-5 days and then went away, also had trouble with taking deep breaths and feeling of my throat constricting, this also went away. only went to my gp when i felt some weird pressure in left side of my head that cause to make stupid mistakes, mostly the automatic stuff like grabbing the keys when going outside, shut the lights off, working....
  • 1 month ago

    Brain fog and muscle weakness

    Sorry I don't know if this belongs here or not... Anyways for the last few years I have been suffering from a range of problems. Mostly mental things like brain fog, confusion, inability to focus and think straight. Also a lot of muscle aches and weakness. I find it particularly hard to walk up and down stairs because my legs and lower back seem weak and wobbly and I have difficultly balancing/controlling movement. I also often drop things especially when feeling particularly weak. I am lethargic....
  • 2 months ago

    health record system

    hi there, I need ehr system for my hospital similar to this , kindly suggest me the any.
  • 2 months ago

    Help diagnose

    Hi there I have been having symptons for a couple of years now and the doctors can't seem to figure out exactly what I have. It first started in 2016 when I got a headache that felt like it was cracking my head open, just after the headache started I battled to look at any lights. This got increasingly worse and I started getting a fever. I was exhausted and could not stay awake. About 3 hours later I went to the doctor. They admitted me into hospital straight away suspecting meningitis. I was....