• 9 months ago

    Weird symptoms

    Hi there.
    I had asthma when I was young(triggered by allergies).
    I smoked for the past 4 years, up to this day without any health problems.
    After this winter, which was marked by 2 or 3 colds(very unusual for me to get a cold more than once a year), I found myself coughing up tonsil stones.
    This spring, I started noticing pain in my chest(not localised in one place) while bending over and breathing deeply(sometimes).
    Another thing that made me question my health is that my smoker's cough changed into what I can describe only as a vibrating cough( vibration comes from the lungs or trachea?) that sometimes brings up some kind of white/translucent tissue that looks like the skin inside my mouth. I wouldn't be so concerned if those pieces of skin weren't striking my palate that hard(i drew the conclusion that they come from somewhere down my throat?).
    I don't know if I can blame any of this on allergies, but I think I should mention that they've hit me with full force this season.

    Any hope for a diagnosis?