• 5 months ago

    Can spirometer tests be inaccurate?

    I took a spirometer test last week to see if I have asthma from having bronchitis a couple of times when I was younger, and the results came back at my lung function is 62%. She said it was a low number and I do, but it's "controlled". The nurse that gave the test seemed pretty careless and I didn't understand as she kept changing her instructions and was pushing all kinds of buttons on the machine. She said to exhale as fast and as hard as I could within the beeps, but I didn't have enough within them and I was "going too fast", then "not fast enough". She got tired, printed off the results, and the doctor insisted I have asthma despite not needing an inhaler while active or sick, or being symptomatic in general for over three years and told me I need to give up on my military dreams. She sent me home with a prescription to some inhaler. Please help, she said "you would know if you have asthma", but I don't think I do and I don't want to give up just yet.