• over 1 year ago

    How long to restore normal breathing after prolonged CPAP machine

    My husband snores every night but I got used to it. It started before he became obese and had asthma. But now he finds it difficult to breathe at night. The snores stop all of a sudden and he will be gasping for breath. This happened for some time. We visited the doctor and he recommended to reduce the weight and obesity. Till then doctor suggested a CPAP machine to use for the while. Now its almost one year and he has reduced his weight significantly. He has been using the CPAP machine for almost a year for every day. https://www.cpapoutlet.ca/Home He never felt any problem in breathing since he started using the machine. Now is it time to stop using the machine? The doctor suggested to take time and resolve it slowly. I think its time he should start breathing without CPAP. Another thing to notice was since the usage of a machine he hasn't snored or had asthma at night. Will he start snoring again?