• over 1 year ago

    Does poor air quality can be a problem ?

    Hi All,

    My mom was diagnosed with cataract last week. As Doctor suggested me to go ahead with operation at the earliest, so I told mom to go and get yourself admitted to the hospital. The doctor quickly completed the operation and told her to stay at the hospital for a couple of days so he can examine the progress and her health. At that time, I visited her a couple of times, all the time she uses to complain me about an odour with she is irritated. in the first case didn't mind it but she again complains about it. I asked the nurse about so she said there is some smell but we have informed it. The later nurse let me know that it was because of an HVAC repair-
    https://sierraair.ca/commercial/service/ . in the building cause the smell. It was due to happen a week earlier which delayed due to some technical issue. She said its all fixed and they won't be any problem from now. I was wondering in hospitals where a patient with various problems are admitted they should be some concern about the air quality and standard that have to be maintained? How can we assure it? Will poor air quality effect asthma patient and other patients with respiratory problems?