• Do I have asthma?

    I am a 13 yr old female who has trouble breathing in or anywhere around smoke, humid air, dust, and pollen. My allergist (I have severe allergies to dust and pollen) says it's just allergies. I went to a sweat lodge (basically a tent filled with humid air) and I couldn't breathe. It felt like someone as closing my throat and sitting on my chest. My friend had to help me out because I felt like passing out. Is this asthma? Also I have had bronchitis before and took ProAir and it felt much better. Thanks for any help.


  • RE: Do I have asthma?

    I had the same thing happen to me sweat lodge and everything. I'm a 12 yr old girl and my allergist says it's just allergies too. My advice is to ask your pediatrician about having a bronchitis inhaler(pro air) which is also used for asthma. That really helped me. Also try getting a new allergist. New people often have different opinions on asthma. Ask to get your skin and blood allergy tests retaken along with breathing strength tests.