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    Obstructive Restrictive and Odd Chest Pain

    Hello, I am new to having asthma. I was sick in October, then again the full month of March with bronchitis. Doc thought pneumonia but xray didn't show any. Did spirometry in April. Diagnosed with mild obstructive and restrictive lung defects. I am often wheezing inhale and exhale. Doc said it was asthma. I thought asthma was only obstructive. I use a preventive inhaler and rescue inhaler. I have lots of bronchospasms or esophageal spasms or something going on in there daily. I can't seem to get it under control. I had a charlie horse under my left arm for about 5 minutes 3 weeks ago. This of course got me a walking stress test which I passed with flying colors. Then last night I thought I was getting one again, it went away, then came from the left side across my chest. I got dizzy with this one and started to go to the doctor again, but feel like it must be nothing. Could this possibly be a reaction to my inhaler? They have not come at times within a few hours of either type of inhaler use. And I did not use the rescue inhaler afterwards because I don't know if it is my lungs-esophagus-muscle, etc. However, it has not killed me in the past 3 weeks so I know it is not a heart attack. Could this be muscular and part of the restrictive diagnosis? I am 50, a little overweight, but not obese.


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        Thanks. I didn't see anything about obstructive and restrictive lung defects both being due to asthma. Do you know anything about that?
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        Hi there...if you read the asthma article in depth you will find the part where it explains that Vitamin d3 is actually a tissue remodleing hormone which basically drills more airways into the lungs and makes them less dense and able to absorb more oxygen. From this one might infer it could help in remodeling various defects. For example I once had a bone spur (a defect) on my elbow for 20 years ...after about 6 months of high dose D3 it simply dissolved and was remodeled intgo a normal elbow....The same thing might happen to your lungs...you will have to see....but sont worry it is not very risky if you take vitmain k2 and magnesium with it..It's up to you to give it a try...if it doesnt work ...at least you tried...Now a modern day Dr woudl likely rfeccomend surgery first....I say why not let your body try repairing it..it has the blue plans!