• 9 months ago

    Asthma and hospital admissions

    Hi, I am a 55 year old woman who has suffered asthma for 30 years, which means it was adult onset. My question is about being admitted to the hospital due to an acute asthma flare. This is the norm for me, rather than the exception. Once an asthma attack gets hold of me albuterol rescue inhalers don't work... I wheeze so loud you can hear it across the room. I also cough. Shortness of breath is terrifying. I am just done in, generally, and off I go to the ER. Invariably I am admitted because the neb treatments and mega doses of intravenous steroids given in the ER don't open my airways enough and my wheezing and overall illness continues. On average I spend 3 days in the hospital getting these treatments. I thought everyone with asthma went through this, but I came to understand that most asthmatics just go to the ER occasionally and they get fixed up and go home the same day. I don't know why my symptoms are so stubborn. The only good news is my attacks are much less frequent since giving away one of my cats. I was horribly allergic to her, but not particularly allergic to my older cat! But the real bugaboo is catching a cold. That's a guaranteed hospital stay, for me. Because of the phlegm and congestion my asthma turns into bronchitis, with yellow and greenish sputum.


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    RE: Asthma and hospital admissions

    Been there... first if you have a pro-air rescue inhaler throw it. I never got rescued. Ventolin works better. Talk to your doc, or see a pulminologist. Get on a daily treatment of an inhaled steroid advair works. GET A NEBULIZER AT HOME!!! You can give yourself a treatment to avoid getting so bad you go directly to the ER