• Could my asthma be back? Or is it anxiety?

    Hi all!

    I just need some insight, because I am getting a bit freaked out!

    When I was a baby, I had an asthma attack that triggered the fear of not being able to breathe. Until about middle school, I had mild asthma so I had an inhaler that I would use when need be. It has been many years since I have had an asthma attack, and I don't even have an inhaler anymore. I have mild anxiety as well that has not been diagnosed by a medical professional, but I know it exists in my life. I do not take medication for it.
    Sunday night, I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe, and since then (today is Thursday), I have had a really hard time breathing. This means chest heaviness/tightness, shortness of breath. I feel like the only way I can get a good breath is through a yawn. This freaks me out and triggers that anxiety in me that "I'm gonna die, I'm going to suffocate", that I probably had when I was a baby.

    I went to Immediate Care and had an EKG that came out normal, my blood pressure was 107/70 which is normal and my blood work was also normal. I am going to my primary care doctor next Saturday, but does anyone have any idea what this could be?

    P.S - as of now, the only thing that has helped me is Valerian Root (the herbal extract and marijuana to relax me).

    HELP! Thanks :)


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Could my asthma be back? Or is it anxiety?

    I also have asthma and it scares the hell out of me when I feel like I cannot breathe. I also have PTSD from spending months in the hospital, a week in a coma and four weeks in ICU. When I go to a hospital I get very anxious.

    I've been having asthma lately with the symptoms you describe. However, my doctor thought that something else was causing my breathing problems. Several x-rays and other tests. Turns out to be pneumonia, which I've had several times. My EKG & blood pressure are normal. It's hard to tell the difference as I'm short of breath and coughing like crazy. I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics.

    I'm not a doctor, but that's been my experience. Have you had chest x-rays yet? That's what nailed the pneumonia. Hope this helps.
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        Going to the doctor is the best choice for you. I have asthma too. Not fun to have and I think everyone that has it is scared of not being able to breathe to the point of possibly dying it is a scary situation for sure. You could be having panic attacks... or an asthma issue...or something new
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    RE: Could my asthma be back? Or is it anxiety?

    hi my name is sandy, like you i suffered from Asthma all my life along with my twin Sister i can tell you from experience its scary i'm sure you know that, like you my asthma was in remission for about 5 years during that time i was taking vitamin C's in Capsule form i was taking Basic Vitamins you can get those at krogers and it help lot the thing you have to remember is to relax and slow down the breathing, if you are around animals and their feces and dust or any perfume or any thing musky it can trigger it with a vengeance my advice is getting a breathing nebulizer i got one in my bedroom on standby if i needed it i hope you get better