• 11 months ago

    Asthma flare ups

    I have had asthma for 10 years. It has been under control for most of these years until these past 2 years. It seems to be so much worse, frequent flare ups, trips to the Dr. I have the breathing tests which shows I do have some problems, but they say its not COPD. Never smoked. I actually lose my breath, which causes me to panic. I feel light headed a lot. I am tired all the time. I also have chronic rhinitis which adds to this equation. And have PVC'S OF my heart which makes me lost my breath too. I was wondering what the hell I can do to make myself have a normal day. I am overweight and working on it...


  • 10 months ago

    RE: Asthma flare ups

    Hope you feel better. I've been the same ways for years and years with bronchitis and out of breath with asthma. Do you live in a place where weather changes often?
  • 9 months ago

    RE: Asthma flare ups

    See a Pulminologist.
  • 8 months ago

    RE: Asthma flare ups

    All those fancy schmancy tests are usually useless. If you are going through a puffer can in a week, you need a bronchoscopy. It will get rid of all the gunk built up inside you. I've been there, done that. Is it possible you are allergic to humidity? I have to make sure I get out of the shower as quickly as possible. Any humidity and I am in asthma. And our climate is extremely dry. Catch 22.
      • 7 months ago
        I so agree with what your saying. Since I've had my nose operation n tonsils taken out it's like my asthma has gotten worse than better. I go thru my blue pump quite regular I feel like I'm limited to doing things coz I run out of breath.