• 7 months ago

    Asthma and VCD

    I am a military veteran. While on active duty, I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma and used an albuterol inhaler for several years which seemed to diminish the effects somewhat. Upon retirement, I received VA benefits commensurate to that disability.

    A few years ago, the VA conducted a follow-on test and determined that I no longer had asthma. After several months and visits to the pulmonologist, it was determined that I actually have VCD and not asthma as originally diagnosed. My claim with the VA is that my asthma was originally misdiagnosed and should have been determined to be VCD

    The VA has now not only denied my claim for asthma, but ruled that my VCD is not service connected. Some of their logic seems faulty and wanted to get some opinions.

    1) The VA claims that my asthma issued "resolved itself". As I understand asthma, and I am not a medical professional, asthma just doesn't go away. Is that a correct assumption?

    2) VCD and asthma symptoms present in very similar ways so they are easy to confuse. As I understand it, asthma medication, such as albuterol, should not have any effect on VCD symptoms. Would albuterol not make breathing easier for someone without asthma, if only marginally?

    Obviously, there is more to the story, but these are the basics.