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  • 1 day ago

    Re: Asthma breathing problems

    Does anyone have any knowledge of how or if a high end air purifier would help with my asthma. I have heard a lot about the Molekule ( a very expensive one ) that some say has given much relief. Any imput would be most appreciated.
  • 5 days ago


    When I do light exercise or run, it feels almost like my throat is being closed up and I can't breathe. It also feels like I can't fill my lungs to their full capacity and I wheeze too. I was put on a Prozac (?) rescue inhaler 30 minutes before exercise and when needed, and it did nothing. Now I'm on an Advair inhaler twice a day, and no surprise, it's not working. It's definitely not because I'm out of shape because it happens during any exercise all throughout the year.....
  • 7 days ago


    Last year my 5 year old starting suffering from asthma. He's been I and out of e/r with asthma, mainly because of pneumonia. We've tried daily singular, not working. I've taken him to get alternative treatments for prevention, cupping, acupuncture, herbal treatment. It's not working. We've discovered that exposure to dogs triggers it and colds too. I'm suspecting chlorine as well from swimming. He's allergic to everything so I do my best to keep house air clean and keep....
  • 16 days ago

    Toddler breathing

    My 3 1/2 year old has been taking deep breaths for the last couple of days every 30 seconds . She is happy, playing normal . But taking deep breaths that seem uncomfortable . She’s to your to explain what she’s feeling . I told her to urgent care , her oxygen levels were fine and chest x Ray came out clear . Followed up with her pediatrician and she said she sounded fine, had no idea what could be wrong . I’m desperate to find a solution . Would love opions on what over test could be ran to help....
  • 29 days ago

    Cough that does not go away - could it be candida????

    I have an issue with a cough and runny sinus drainage all day ... on and off. It started in 1994. I was on this board starting around 2000 for many years. I was really bad with severe coughing .. non stop for 24-36 hours at a time. And I was told I was a medical challenge. I went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver in 2003 and they did not really have any answers. I was and have been recently tested for asthma, but I do not have asthma. And I found doctors who would work with me and we would bounce....
  • 1 month ago


    Hi. I had a sever asthma attack the other night after smudging my apartment. But I've never had this happen before. So i only got the prednisone and inhaler. I'm curious how important a nebulizer is to have?
  • 1 month ago


    I'm a 13/yr female and I was diagnosed with bronchitis (idk if that's what it's called but it's like asthma but not as bad) a couple years ago, and just recently my doctor said we can now say I have asthma. But a couple months ago my nose was stuffy on a daily basis but it was really runny at the same time and I sneeze at least twice every day. I have 2 dogs, I don't go near anyone who smokes , and my house is probably a little dusty... but could I be slightly allergic to my dogs....
  • 1 month ago


    First of all I attended schooling to become a Pharmacists, I completed only 5 yrs. That was my goal. I attended schooling in S.D. CA. I couldn't finish my schooling due to an abusive ex husband drug addict. I relocated back to my hometown GUAM.
  • Abdominal pain running with asthma

    Current asthma meds: *twice every 12 hours: salmeterol 25 mcg + fluticasonoa propionato 250 mcg *before exercise: salbutamol 200 mcg Bipolar meds: *before bed: Quetiapine 200 mg *every 12 hours: Lamotrigine 150 mg Bio: I've had asthma since age 12. I'm 26 now. It's been a huge pain in many ways. I've been jogging and running for a long time, I even do 10k and 15k races. I've been doing treatment for years. I don't think it has ever helped my performance, it just makes the....
  • 1 month ago

    Is this Athma??

    Its a bit of a story, if anyone has had something slimier I would love to hear about it. I hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel. At the end of December I caught a nasty Bronchitis cold, it was a horrific 3 weeks of being unable to breath and tons of ER visits with breathing treatments. Ever since then my breathing has never been the same as it was befor. I am constantly struggling to breath its a fight ever single moment and even with qvar, rescue inhailer, neutralizer with albuterol sulfate....