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  • 2 days ago

    Asthma and Reflux

    Have had asthma for several years now but has been fairly well managed with medication. Recently had been having more trouble with reflux and the over the counter generic Prilosec has become ineffective. The throat was becoming inflamed and had trouble swallowing sometimes. Went to the specialist who switched me to the next version- Nexium and it has greatly relieved many of the reflux symptoms and had an endoscopy to check things out after 6 weeks. I know that the reflux exacerbates the asthma,....
  • Mint Asthma Trigger.

    The other day my teacher told me she'd never heard of mint triggering asthma before. Has anybody else ever had the problem with mint triggering their asthma, or was it just me..? Thanks.
  • Could my asthma be back? Or is it anxiety?

    Hi all! I just need some insight, because I am getting a bit freaked out! When I was a baby, I had an asthma attack that triggered the fear of not being able to breathe. Until about middle school, I had mild asthma so I had an inhaler that I would use when need be. It has been many years since I have had an asthma attack, and I don't even have an inhaler anymore. I have mild anxiety as well that has not been diagnosed by a medical professional, but I know it exists in my life. I do not take medication....
  • 17 days ago

    Cold or Flu always becomes bronchitis and sinus infections

    Sorry for the long post... but i am desperate at this time. I am 52 years old that had bad asthma when I was a child. I seemed I outgrow from my 20 to mid 30's. In my mid 30's I started getting frequent sinus infections. I have had 3 sinus surgeries and take advair, singulair, nasonex, astepro daily along with other medications. Also, in my mid 30's I started getting severe IBS. After many, many tests I eventually found a "cure" for that on the internet. The 'cure' is....
  • 1 month ago

    Long term lung issues

    I was born with mucous in my lungs after my mother smoked during her pregnancy. I eventually improved, but years later on and off, I'd have issues pop up. Breathing difficulties that would stem from being around potent chemicals and pushing myself too far physically. I would wake up short of breath afterwards, and this would continue until I took liquid sleeping medication and I could feel my lungs calm, and I could breathe easier. I have no idea what to call this... what I deal with. It's....
  • 1 month ago

    Could it be asthma

    I have lot of allergies. I had asthma test when I was a young adult and I was told to practice breathe . I can't breathe when the wind is blowing lot and I have cough attack lot . Could I have asthma ? When I laugh I feel like I can't breathe . Need help
  • 1 month ago

    Increased resp symptoms after quitting

    One thing that ex-smokers have often experienced is that their respiratory symptoms, especially cough, actually get worse for awhile after quitting (as well I know). Your body is trying to get rid of all that gunk in your lungs and grow back the cilia that line your bronchi and help to sweep out contaminants. I would definitely see a doctor, but be aware that it may take a month or more as this healing takes place. But hold on! You will feel so much better as a nonsmoker. Please allow me to put in....
  • Asthma Help for Person Allergic to Sulfur

    My sister is allergic to all medications that are sulfer based and as far as we've found, the only inhalers are sulfer based. She needs the inhaler, but they're not very helpful with her allergies considering. Does anybody know of any asthma pills or inhalers that don't contain albuterol or ventolin?
  • Asthma problems not helped by steroid shot?

    My asthma has been getting worse over the last few months. well, both my mother and I get this horrific cough every single time the seasons change. I don't know what to call it. All I know is that its related to my asthma, and it mimics bronchitis, but its not bronchitis. when I'm dealing with it, I'm much more prone to having an asthma attack, too. I'm short of breath constantly, and when I cough it hurts deep in my lungs. In the past, a steroid shot and occasionally some antibiotics....
  • 2 months ago

    Symptoms not going away

    I have exercise induced asthma and am a recent ex-smoker (for like the 6th time, after 9 years). Until the past year my symptoms only fared up about once a week or less but has been getting more and more frequent and then today, about 3 days after quitting I have mild symptoms that have not gone away even after using my inhaler and it came on for seemingly no reason.